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Many of our customers have been very loyal and have been coming to visit us on a regular basis for many years. They have their preferred stylist and will be in every week for their shampoo and set. The slightly older generation see this service as one of their treats for the week and due to the set we give them, it normally lasts the full week until they come into our hairdressers again.

This service includes two shampoos and a condition at the basin. After the  conditioner has been thoroughly rinsed you will be taken back over to your seat where a selection of products may be applied to towel dried hair. Then the hair will be rolled onto the rollers and be left to set (dry) for the time required underneath a hood dryer.

Please call us on 01424 439257 if you would like to book in for a shampoo and set.

We look forward to hearing from you x


Senior Hair Stylist
From £15.00

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