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When cutting hair, it is more beneficial to have been washed before so the cut is carried out while the hair is wet. However, some customers like to leave the salon with wet hair as they prefer to style it themselves at home; or some may not need it styling but would like to have it dry. We like to offer this service, although admittedly it doesn’t happen very often.

For a woman’s shampoo and cut, a selection of tools maybe used such as scissors, thinning scissors or clippers. This cut is done once the hair has been given two shampoos and a conditioning scalp massage so the hair is wet to give the best elasticity for the cut. Once the hair has been cut it will normally be blasted dry with a hair dryer if required, no other equipment or tools will be used for the blow dry.

Please call us on 01424 439257 if you would like to book in for a woman’s shampoo and cut.

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