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Colour correctionHave you got a hair colour that you aren’t happy with? Have you used a colour out of a box that has gone wrong or even been to another hairdressers and just aren’t happy? Then we can help.

Colour correction takes a bit of work, depending on the colour you currently have and what you want to achieve – but be patient and we will be able to sort it for you.

This can be carried out by using various different colour techniques, such as stripping the colour, lightening, darkening or using toners. It all depends on the condition of the hair to what service we can carry out. It can take up to a number of hours depending on how big the correction maybe prior to the previous colour.

There is nothing worse than being unhappy with your hair colour!

Please call us on 01424 439257 if you would like to book in for a colour correction.

We look forward to hearing from you x


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